Is really your girl child safe

Today I m going to write about girls.We regularly read news related to rising number of rape cases in India.

Outfit of females has always been a topic of discussion from last couple of years.

In country like India,people still believe that rising number of rape,harassment cases are due to shorter lengths of clothes worn by girls or late return from offices.

But if we ever try to find out insight into this matter,even small girls are raped who worn frocks and are below teenage group.

In metropolitan cities like,Delhi,Hyderabad,Noida,Mumbai these cases are reaching their heights.

Even in small cities,these are sometimes unnoticeable.

Girls whether dressed in full attire or in western are not safe anywhere.If girls holds a brother,father or any male in their family nobody dare to move the eyeballs.

I sometimes feel that why we want our daughter and mothers to be protected from such rotating eyes.

Why we cannot protect and safeguard the daughters of others.

Why it happens that if our family girl is in danger, we give punch on others face.

But if someone else daughter is seen by rotating eyes,we usually say that it might be due to her attire and or due to upbringing.

Why our society discriminate between daughter’s of the society.

India is among one of the developing nations which leaves a bad impact on the people of other nations only due to these reasons.

Why we Indians cannot take a pledge to protect and safeguard all daughters irrespective of any discrimination.

Why we cannot stop the rotating eyes which sometimes observed by ladies even if they are dressed up in full attire.

Why the lady in the society feels that she is screened from top to bottom just like a camera.

When will these Indian girls without fear of camera like eyes can move out.