Ek ladki ki kahani

Ek ladki ki kahani..Jis ladki ne bahut sapna dekhe.Hamasha all rounder throught out first class.

Usne apna professional career Shuru kiya aur ek bus shadi ke liye job chodh (leave)diya in the booming stage.I am sure there are many ladies,who either make sacrifices for husband or babies and are devalued in the society.

That even changed her life.That unbearable loss of finance results in loosing her confidence of taking her own decisions in life.

Just because of this reason, male fragment prosper in career leaving the lady behind which makes her feel that she is incapable of doing anything.

Today once again,I met a lady with same circumstances,where her partner never valued her.

She left her esteemed job of handsome salary for family and after 10 years of marriage, she is devalued.

She wanted to stand up again for her two kids but has loosen her confidence, just because she is dependent on a man for 10 years,although the lady is more qualified than a man.

She is lagging behind just because she sacrificed her own dreams and trusted him in all spheres of life.

I m sure their are many ladies in the society, who are more capable than a man, yet paid less,which results in less financial security.

This is just because a lady sacrifice her worth in order to keep everyone happy at every single step of life.

And no one really cares for her.

Why it is really happening.Is this happening in India or across the world.

Every one love to read the news but no one tries to find what is the exact root cause?Why the ladies who make sacrifices for others are devalued and kept on the tip of the toe even in this changing time?Is this just male ego or anything else which is still creating hindrance within the society.

Why this is still happening and till when this will continue?

Can we sit and think upon.