Numerology: Numbers.





Yesterday I was finding something at Google,when suddenly I found an article on Numerology.I just clicked it out and found something interesting to read.

My attention was diverted towards it.I was looking something else and looked and read something else.

That article was highlighting,the personality traits of a person,who are born on 3,12,21 and 30.

I found my birth date in it and started reading out the article.I was very much eager to match my personality traits with the traits that were described in the article.

After reading one article,I started generating interest, thereafter I clicked on one and then the couple of them.

Slowly slowly I found out, that most of the personality traits were matching with my real traits.Actually by reading articles one after the other,I was trying to find out whether the things described in such kind of articles are true or just a timepass.

Reading couple of articles on it may be to believed that Yes Numbers matters.

People from older generations used to read books and believe on Numerology easily, but it is hard to believe by people of our generation but yes slowly slowly I found my inclination towards it and started believing it.

After reading articles on Numerlogy,I felt as if some positive energy was flowing inside my mind and soul.

My ruling number is 3.Number 3 says that people with number 3 are ruled by planet Jupiter.

It says that people born with this number ie. Number 3 have personality traits which include:




4.Strong desire of knowledge

5. Love to socialize with people.


7.Finding good in every situation.


According to Numerology,the planetary action of Jupiter makes them move in diversified fields.

These fields include:







7 Sales Person

After reading and matching the traits,I found my inclination towards Numerology and started reading more, in order to verifying the facts and made myself convinced before writing my experience on my blog.

Numbers are everywhere.Love numbers and change your life.

Previously I never used to believe in numbers,although my boss used to say,Marketing is all about Numbers.

I was always having fear from numbers,but now after teaching children of younger generations with numbers.I started loving Numbers.

Your uniqueness defines you

Every human being is unique.God has created us in different styles and has gifted us with multiple talents.

These talents sooner or later gives you recognition in society.

Your unique talents can give you food,clothing,shelter in every walks of life.

Few years back,I still remember the conversation with a man,where he made a girl realise that she do not have her own identity.

As she was on her career break due to personal reason.That lady was completely broken as she used to be among one of the brightest student and used to do elite job too.

She was completely shattered at that moment.The man was just satisfying a big ego.

As India is country, where ego is more than every thing.

This lady faced many hurdles that were intentionally offered to her.But she was determined.She became independent again.

Today she is not earning even the same amount where she left, but she has developed the power of expression.

This power of expression has broke all restrictions of Indian society,where a lady is restricted to express by giving lame excuses that,what society will think if you express.

Expression may also include drawing,painting and,writing,singing and many more.

This expression power differs from people to people and time to time.

This power of expression is symbol of Lord Ganesha principle,residing within us in the MulaDhara chakra,which offers you to be unique from others.

Uniqueness make you more confident and colorful like a butterfly.

Zindagi kuch adhuri se hai.

Yeh pyare se zindagi kuch adhuri se hai.Jisme hamare pass apne liye hi time nahi hai.Sapne itne badhe hai ki unko peche peche bagte bagte aise hi guzar jayege.

Adhi guzar gayi(half life has been past)Adhi guzar jayege.(Half will be spent).

Is zindagi ne hum sabko kabhi doop kabhi chav dekheye aur hum chalte rahe.

This is how life goes on.When we stand calm and look back, we smile at the distance, we have travelled so far with many ups and downs.

After couple of years,when I looked back.I realise how much distance has been travelled so far.

I still remember during younger age, we used to calculate distance travelled so far by multiplying speed with time.

Speed =Distance/Time

Distance=Speed × Time

But in case of life,we do not know our speed. In order to calculate distance travelled so far.

Distance travelled so far can be calculated by knowing where were before 5 or 10 years back and where we are right now

This is how,I think we can get the actual distance of life travelled so far.

Many of us have been in front in our professional life while few of them will be at front in personal life.

Just like the cars,we are driving cars of our own life with many road blocks in between.

We are driving constantly with steering in our hands.

In this journey of life,I am learning to have a steering in my hand by exploring new facts, just like new destinations which are yet to be accomplished.

This article is a random thought,which I am just trying to write without thinking whether it would be liked and accepted by you all.

Journey of Life

Life is one of the wonderful gift,given to us by God.It has two phases: Good one and a bad one,just like two facets of the same coin.

It is a combination of Happiness,sadness and unforgettable moments.

This is how the journey of life goes on.Yesterday I was sitting alone and talking to myself in silence,when I realised that although I am still 35 years,yet I have faced many phases both in personal and professional life.

The struggles which are beyond our control, result in making us stronger and bolder personality.

If we stop ourself for a second and look back the journey completed so far we smile with tiny droplets in eyes.

It is an roller coaster ride of life,just like a roller coaster,which is an amusement ride with tight turns,steeps slopes with little inversions.

It is the rider only who can feel and describe their roller coaster in a well defined manner respectively.

On this first day of 2021 let us all be the rider once again for the journey of life.

Happy New Year 2021

Mein ek beti hu..

Mein ek beti hu.Mera na ghar hai.Mera na dard hai.Mein ek beti hu.

Mera na apna mere na praya.Mera na Dost mera na dushman.Mein ek beti hu.

Duniya ne kha tu ek aurat.Aurat ki kya aukat hai.Tere kya pehchan hai.

Is Mard ki duniya mein tera kya kaam.

Tu ek beti hai kabhi bhai ne chup kraya.Kabhi pati aur kabhi father ne.Tu ek beti hai Zada maat bolo.Apne dil mat kholo.Tu ek beti hai.

Na tera dil hai.Na tere dharkan na tere sapne na tere duniya.Tu ek beti hai..

Kaise yeh beti hai jo hai bhi aur na bhi.

Mein ek beti hu.Jisko duniya ke is bheed mein peche chodh (leave)Sab chal deye..Mein ek beti hu.

Mein ek beti hu agar apne dil ki kare toh badtameez hu,agar sabke kari toh tumko khud kuch nahi ata.

Mein ek beti hu.Betiya chand par gayi.Betiya Mount Everest par.Betiya har jagah par phir bhi kaha tu ek aurat hai,tere kya aukat hai.

Tu ek beti hai.Jisko bhi usne umeed se dekha usne kaha tu ek aurat hai.Tere is duniya mein zarurat nahi.Tu ek beti hai.Tu ek aurat hai.

Mene kaha hai HAA mein aurat hu.Kabhi maa,kabhi patni,kabhi bahu,aur kabhi behan.Par jo hu mein strong hu.

Mujhe akele chalna ata hai aur saath bhi..

Guru Purab..Birth Anniversary of Nanak Ji

Let us all join hands together on this auspicious day of Guru Purab.

It is always celebrated around the month of November. Birth Anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev Ji,who was born in Talwandi in the year 1469,now known as Nankana Sahib.

He was the founder of Sikhism.He was a firm believer of “Ek Onkar” which means,there is only one God.

He was the first Guru or leader.He wrote his teachings in the form of hymns in Guru Granth Sahib,holy book of Sikh.

This year Guru Nanak Dev Ji Jayanti will be celebrated on 30 November 2020.

It is 551 birth anniversary of Nanak Ji also known as Guru Prakash Utsav.

This day is celebrated with great Pomp and show just like Diwali of Hindus.

Sikhs pour their heart out in the form of Langars in Gurdwara.

Just before few days of Guru Prakash Utsav,Prabhat Pheri,a form of procession takes place,where people in large number with five beloved perform kirtan.

It took place early in the morning around 4:30 to 5:30 am.This procession moves from house to house and people distribute sweets in the form of prasad as per their own will.

Just before 2 days of Guru Nanak Jayanti,Akandh path is organized,which is a common practice of recitation of sacred religious texts in Sikhism.

After the Akandh Path,Langar starts.It is a community kitchen where people from different religions,caste and status sit together on the floor and have food.

Guru Nanak ji through his teaching says that everyone is equal in the eyes of God.Through which the concept of Langars came into existence.

The fact that money should not acquire the place in the heart or head came out only through his teachings.

He fought for the respect of Women in the society,which is even very important in current scenario too.

He moved on the path of truth throughout his life.He believes in the fact that we should earn money by transparent means through hardwork.

He set an good example of Humanity.Atleast through his teaching, we can even try to develop few of his qualities.

Through this article,I would like to wish a very happy GURUPURAB.

Digitalization: Information just within a click.

Due to this pandemic a new era of digitalization has emerged out,offering ample opportunities to grow just within a click.

Before COVID -19,I still remember we used to visit institute for attending the seminars and training.

Students used to move school or tutions for fetching education.Industry people used to move from place to place to keep the record of projects and all.

Housewives used to move to Kiran shops for buying grocery and essential items.

Patients were asked to visit the doctors and buy medicines,an insurance agent used to visit your place in order to sell and market the policies.

But now every thing is available just within a click:a fraction of second at your own comfort and time.

COVID-19 although has created a wave of fear among us but is also leaving positive impacts in the life of human.

We are able to spend more time with our loved ones even on working days besides having couple of meetings.

Due to what app,gmail even people sitting apart have been brought together.

Digital platforms like zoom and google meet has spread the wave of professionalism too.

You tube even has added a feature of going live along with facebook, where nowadays small business women can easily show their target audience their products and service within a fraction of second.

It is due to COVID-19 that I have made this above YouTube channel to impart education to the students.

Anyone from anywhere can access this.

I am just trying to spread what I have acquired during my life with those who are having desire to gain.

Through my each post I want to give back whatever I have as an asset.

It could be knowledge,experience or both.

Do what you love to do

Many of us have heard the very commonly used sentence either by friends or family.

Do what you love to do.We as the people of this present generation are very much inclined towards career and materialistic things.

Each one of us want luxurious standards of living and for that everyone is trying to come first and stay ahead.

In this present world of competition, we sometimes forget to spare few moments for our own growth.

Growth is not necessarily in terms of money always.

Growth include your passion too.Like in my case I started my career as academician then went into sales and marketing and then again I moved to education industry.

I know the money that is here in education industry may be far lesser than any big corporate but the sense of respect and satisfaction is maximum here.

The joy of imparting knowledge and skills to other individual brings you smile on your face.

Although money is also a necessary ingredient of life.

Sometimes we all have to choose between joy and money.The choosing criteria of every individual is different and even the criteria is different for same individual depending upon situations.

This seesaw of joy and money will always be there.In which we always had to choose any one component among these two.

Every thing depends on us.What to choose and when to choose.

From last couple of days I was involve in making videos for online teaching.I was so much involved that I could not spare time to think and decide what to write on my blog.

At the present moment I am pouring my heart out without any specific issue in this pandemic.

Everyone in this pandemic is busy in research on how to stay different either professionally or personally.Each one of us I am sure like me would be trying hands on different things.

Trying hand on different fields results in generating self confidence which gives you a feeling of happiness.

If I talk of myself when I was a kid I used to draw and colour in my drawing lecture not more than that.

I never had any deep interest in it.But suddenly during this pandemic while I was surfing internet,I came across a video of painting.

I liked that video and thereafter the video starting pouring in my account with notifications on my email.

This generated my interest of trying hands on art and craft.

I might not be a big blogger or an artist but I does this for my own sake.

It gives me pleasure that I keep myself involved at every bit of time.

Habit of writing diary have given me an idea to write my own blog where I can express my viewpoint during my spare time.

Where I can do what I love to do.

Creativity-A unique way of expressing something

Creativity is an art of defining something in a unique manner.

It is an inbuilt quality which comes out.Creativity is one of the characteristics present within an entrepreneur.

I still remember,few years back I used to teach entrepreneurship development to the students as one of their subject.

It is currently too included in curriculum of various universities.

Government is too busy in promoting and supporting “the growth of SME’s”.

Financial aids is one of the way to support them along with marketing of the products manufactured within SME’s.

Entrepreneurship is the creation of an new enterprise, which involve the combining of land,labour and money in an effective and efficient manner.

It results in the creation of new product and services.Enterpneurship requires a deep understanding of Business Environment,which involves both Micro and Macro Factors.

This is what we call PESTLE analysis.

An entrepreneur is one who combines his or her effort in creating and building a new product or a business enterprise.

Entrepreneurship development is the process and entrepreneur is a person.

If we look back,their are number of examples present which follows the concept of entrepreneurship.

Creativity is one of the feature which results in creation of brands.

“Creativity is intelligence having fun”

Let us take an example of Lizzat papad which was started by seven gujarati ladies in a small room by only Rs 80 as capital in March 1959.

Now Rs 80 has been converted into Rs 800 crore and 7 women to 43000 women.

This Rs 80 was borrowed from a social worker to manufacture papad.

Need of livelihood for the ladies results in the creation of brand like Lizzat.

During the initial phases of the business,they too had faced number of hindrances.

These ladies were devoid of professional degree yet they were successful in their journey of setting and running an enterprise.

Currently Lizzat not only deals in papad but it offers masala,Wheat flour etc.

It is only possible with their hard work,determination and patience.

Another story if we look upon is of the brand Nirma with a tag line-washing powder Nirma.

It was started by Mr Patel,a chemist through his rigrous experimentation.

The idea of developing such product went into his mind, while he used to pass through his way to job.He used to observed ladies washing clothes at Hand PUMP in order to study their behaviour.

On reaching his room,he used to perform rigrous experiments by mixing various chemical components and heating them in a vessel.

The resultant that used to be formed,he used to deliver to the ladies who used to wash clothes on his way.In order to get the response of the resultant on the washing clothes.

He used to ask the response of resultant on hand and clothes while washing clothes.

This was performed on regular bases until the yellow powder that we call Nirma was developed.

The day came when this chemist turned into a business man.

BY 1985 in detergent segment.Nirma became the most valued powdered at cheap price.

It target completely on low income group and became market leader by defeating Surf from Hindustan Unileve Limited.

Mr Patel named this brand after his daughter name –Nirumpa.Currently having 23000 employees.

Mr.Karsan bhai Patel manufactured the Product at Rs 3.5 Kg which was cheaper than Surf as Rs 15kg produced by his strong competitor Hindustan Lever Limited.

Their concept of creating a brand was bulit on cost effective strategy.Offering value based product on a minimal cost.

During 90’s people were more conscious on spending less for valued product.

Currently Consumer is ready to pay any price for value based products.Their psychology has completely changed.

They look for product and services with better offerings rather than price.

Nirma is a brand of 90’s still in the minds of Indian Consumers,famous for its yellow powder.

It failed to develop a new product line. Currently it holds a market share of less than 6% in Laundry detergent segment.

The market is currently conquered by its strong competitor Hindustan Unilever Limited,as they have identified the market into premium,mid range and popular segment at the right time and diversified its product line.

Every business need creative skills in to develop innovative product/services at different phases of Product Life Cycle.

During this pandemic stage various e commerce giants have diversified themselves into essential categories from non essential categories.

Way to sustain in their respective industries.AMAZON,BIGBASKET etc.They have tied up with the banks like ICICI,HDFC to deliver essential products to consumer facing financial crunch by offering Credit cards.

This is what innovation in services.

So in the last we can conclude that for setting and sustaining a business.An entrepreneur should look for creative ways to deliver innovative products and services by adopting the right marketing mix and positioning strategies,through regular innovation,determination and hardwork.

Mommy and her two puppies.

Mommy and two puppies were living down the lane.

Mommy is not really Mummy.There is one more mummy, who is real mom but has left her kids and rarely visits them now.

Mommy gave birth to three beautiful puppies last year in the month of December.

But those puppies were thrown somewhere by few people of the society. As according to them they can bite anyone if grow within the residential area.

Mommy was not there when her puppies were taken off.She was somewhere busy in finding food for them.

After returning back,she tried her best to find them,but she could not get success in finding them out.

She cried a lot whole night for the puppies.Days and months passed,she started again living her life for herself.

When suddenly another Mummy moved in the the colony and delivered small puppies within a unoccupied plot.

The puppies were looking like small small rats whole black with small eyes.

One day suddenly an unexpected rain started pouring down and Mummy was far away from small kids,and there were no arrangements for the kids to hide.

When another mommy entered the plot(Area of unoccupied land)to save the kids.

She was the same Mommy, who lost her kids almost an year ago.

She saved them and transferred the kids to another plot.

By the time real Mummy came back.Mommy took care of those kids(puppies) nicely.

Mommy was then seen fighting with the Mummy in their own language.She expressed her anger and fought till the real Mummy was out of the gate.

Mommy believed that her kids has returned back.She is now seems to be on track again.

One amazing fact was noticed by all and it is how Mommy is able to deliver milk??

It might be a some sort of miracle,that these kids are fed.Mommy is now being taken care by everyone with in the colony.

As each one of them is surprised to observe, that being not a real mother of those puppies,she is taking care of them.

This is what humanity is.We being humans are more self centered towards our own kids.

I m sure that by this time Mommy must have identified that these do not belong to her and still she is taking care of them.

We usually say animals do not have brains but they have hearts.A big heart which we sometimes lack.Loving,caring and faithful heart for everyone.

This small story is very heart touching and leaves a positive impact on life.

Through this story we can learn to be caring,loving,humble,big hearted irrespective of anything.