Money ..Powerful tool of today’s scenario

Money.Powerful tool of today’s scenario.

I was a firm believer that you get respect by the actitivities you do.But after visualizing few incidents.I am compelled to change my mentality.

Respect is earned within a society if your pockets are filled with this powerful tool.

There used to be a girl who sacrificed her career just to get married as per the Indian norms of family and society both.

She had career break through.After a break she join at various profiles and compromised in terms of salary.

When she used to be in her interview,she was asked about her family.She always used to say I m married and sometimes she was offered with less salary thinking that she has join after a break and she has husband to take care off.

She always compromised on salary without telling them that she was never cared either by husband or inlaws in terms of finance.

She was taking caring of herself before marriage and after marriage.She sacrificed all her penny on so called marriage which is considered important in the life of a girl.

Now a stage has come where she has realised that she was only said yes by a man as she was earning a handsome amount of money before.

A stage has come in her life where she holds experience of multiple jobs after successive shifts but currently not able to raise again even on the same salary,which she was earning 9 years back.

She quit several jobs and make shift just to save her relationship.

She sacrificed her career for just a man and compromised with her career at each stage by joining jobs at lesser salary and now her husband wants her to quit the marriage.

Everything revolve around money only.Whatever she was expected to get in terms of career she lost all just to make new relationships and relationships too devoid her just because of money.

She is confused at her part what to do to make her life stable.

She is all alone fighting with her struggles to find the best possible for herself.

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