Zindagi ka ek sach hai

Zindagi mein kabhi kabhi woh pal bhi ate hai jo humne kabhi soche bhi nahi hote.

Us time hamare khud ke ander itne sawal hote hai jinka jawab hamare pass bhi nahi hota.(At that time there are lot of questions inside us and we even do not have answers for the same.)

Sometimes I think,It is better to be a child than to an adult.Although all stages of life are important(child,adult and Old).

During our childhood days, we all are innocent and clear hearted.We lack chasing after materialistic things and we never think what society will think upon.

As we grow,our thinking process also starts growing.Today I m just sitting and thinking what our childhood days used to be?

The best part of our childhood is with our parents.We can open our heart out when we have them but once they are gone we have no one to share our feelings.

We have no one to protect.From their your hardships starts.You have to think for a single little thing by yourself.There is no one to whom you can ask anything for.

Yeh hi ek zindagi ka sach hai.

Likhna toh bhut kuch hai par abhi dil aur anakhein bhar ayi (heart and eyes filled with droplets).

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