Are we really living a real life?

Life is a wonder gift of God.We spend our whole life in chasing money,one after the other and when we have money we have no one to enjoy that money.

Although money is an essential component of our lives,yet it never leads us to all the happiness we deserve.

We spent most of our time on whatapp chating either with family or friends sharing videos related to life oriented lessons.We place them on our whatapp status too to imbibe positive vibes within us but do we really inculcate them or forget them just after 24 hours of status removal.

This is matter of concern.Do we really learn those lessons of life.

We should sit quite and look within us. And ask ourselves this question.This is what we call Self analysis.

Knowing self is one more aspect of life.During our professional courses,meditation,yoga and all we are always direct to do so but are we really doing so.

We talk of sanskars, family values and traditions and what not all but are we really have them or follow them or it is just a pop and show in the Indian society.

These are the topics that we really need to think and act up.

The answers of the above said questions will help us to analysis whether we are really living a real life or not?

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