Big salute to Humanity

Big salute to the man for giving his own facility of bed,in order to save someone life.I salute this man,being a senior citizen of India.He chooses to leave his own benefits for the next generation.

He was not related by blood, yet by keeping his own life in danger,he preferred to choose life for someone.

A man who left this world by conquering many hearts just by setting an example,that humanity still exists.

In the news from last couple of months,we are finding cases where even your own blood is leaving you at the mercy of God.

But here,we have found a different example.

An example set by Mr.Narayan, who not only left his facilities for a man to live for his own family(unknown) but has won several hearts as senior citizens.

Being a senior citizen,he deserves huge respect.

This is what senior citizen is,a citizen with big heart without being self centered.

He might be forget in couple of days by all of us.But whatever he has preferred to choose at this stage of life, is the best alternative among his decision making ability by winning hearts.

Although he might be aware of the fact that his own family,will going to miss his presence.

Big salute for him for making us believe that HUMANITY still exists.

Good people are still prevalent in the society.

“Gone from our sight,but never from our hearts”

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