Money ..Powerful tool of today’s scenario

Money.Powerful tool of today’s scenario.

I was a firm believer that you get respect by the actitivities you do.But after visualizing few incidents.I am compelled to change my mentality.

Respect is earned within a society if your pockets are filled with this powerful tool.

There used to be a girl who sacrificed her career just to get married as per the Indian norms of family and society both.

She had career break through.After a break she join at various profiles and compromised in terms of salary.

When she used to be in her interview,she was asked about her family.She always used to say I m married and sometimes she was offered with less salary thinking that she has join after a break and she has husband to take care off.

She always compromised on salary without telling them that she was never cared either by husband or inlaws in terms of finance.

She was taking caring of herself before marriage and after marriage.She sacrificed all her penny on so called marriage which is considered important in the life of a girl.

Now a stage has come where she has realised that she was only said yes by a man as she was earning a handsome amount of money before.

A stage has come in her life where she holds experience of multiple jobs after successive shifts but currently not able to raise again even on the same salary,which she was earning 9 years back.

She quit several jobs and make shift just to save her relationship.

She sacrificed her career for just a man and compromised with her career at each stage by joining jobs at lesser salary and now her husband wants her to quit the marriage.

Everything revolve around money only.Whatever she was expected to get in terms of career she lost all just to make new relationships and relationships too devoid her just because of money.

She is confused at her part what to do to make her life stable.

She is all alone fighting with her struggles to find the best possible for herself.

Watch “small teachers day celebration 2021” on YouTube

Small moments that may help you to forget all your worries.

Will make your life relax in this stressful world.

A small clip of the song choti se asha from the movie ROZA

It is one of my favorite movies written and directed by Mani Ratnam.

Music Composer A.R.Rehman.

It was an Indian Tamil Language romantic thriller.

It is based on terrorism in Kashmir.

This film is based on the real life story of K. Doraiswamy,an executive of Indian Oil Corporation,was kidnapped by Kashmiri militants and put in capavity for 2 months.

It shows how her wife struggles to get his husband release.

Hope you will enjoy the song and watch this wonderful movie which was made in the year 1992 and was the first film sound track hit by A.R Rehman,who is a film composer,record producer,singer and song writer in various Tamil and Hindi films.

Zindagi ka ek sach hai

Zindagi mein kabhi kabhi woh pal bhi ate hai jo humne kabhi soche bhi nahi hote.

Us time hamare khud ke ander itne sawal hote hai jinka jawab hamare pass bhi nahi hota.(At that time there are lot of questions inside us and we even do not have answers for the same.)

Sometimes I think,It is better to be a child than to an adult.Although all stages of life are important(child,adult and Old).

During our childhood days, we all are innocent and clear hearted.We lack chasing after materialistic things and we never think what society will think upon.

As we grow,our thinking process also starts growing.Today I m just sitting and thinking what our childhood days used to be?

The best part of our childhood is with our parents.We can open our heart out when we have them but once they are gone we have no one to share our feelings.

We have no one to protect.From their your hardships starts.You have to think for a single little thing by yourself.There is no one to whom you can ask anything for.

Yeh hi ek zindagi ka sach hai.

Likhna toh bhut kuch hai par abhi dil aur anakhein bhar ayi (heart and eyes filled with droplets).

Are we really living a real life?

Life is a wonder gift of God.We spend our whole life in chasing money,one after the other and when we have money we have no one to enjoy that money.

Although money is an essential component of our lives,yet it never leads us to all the happiness we deserve.

We spent most of our time on whatapp chating either with family or friends sharing videos related to life oriented lessons.We place them on our whatapp status too to imbibe positive vibes within us but do we really inculcate them or forget them just after 24 hours of status removal.

This is matter of concern.Do we really learn those lessons of life.

We should sit quite and look within us. And ask ourselves this question.This is what we call Self analysis.

Knowing self is one more aspect of life.During our professional courses,meditation,yoga and all we are always direct to do so but are we really doing so.

We talk of sanskars, family values and traditions and what not all but are we really have them or follow them or it is just a pop and show in the Indian society.

These are the topics that we really need to think and act up.

The answers of the above said questions will help us to analysis whether we are really living a real life or not?

Ek ladki ki kahani

Ek ladki ki kahani..Jis ladki ne bahut sapna dekhe.Hamasha all rounder throught out first class.

Usne apna professional career Shuru kiya aur ek bus shadi ke liye job chodh (leave)diya in the booming stage.I am sure there are many ladies,who either make sacrifices for husband or babies and are devalued in the society.

That even changed her life.That unbearable loss of finance results in loosing her confidence of taking her own decisions in life.

Just because of this reason, male fragment prosper in career leaving the lady behind which makes her feel that she is incapable of doing anything.

Today once again,I met a lady with same circumstances,where her partner never valued her.

She left her esteemed job of handsome salary for family and after 10 years of marriage, she is devalued.

She wanted to stand up again for her two kids but has loosen her confidence, just because she is dependent on a man for 10 years,although the lady is more qualified than a man.

She is lagging behind just because she sacrificed her own dreams and trusted him in all spheres of life.

I m sure their are many ladies in the society, who are more capable than a man, yet paid less,which results in less financial security.

This is just because a lady sacrifice her worth in order to keep everyone happy at every single step of life.

And no one really cares for her.

Why it is really happening.Is this happening in India or across the world.

Every one love to read the news but no one tries to find what is the exact root cause?Why the ladies who make sacrifices for others are devalued and kept on the tip of the toe even in this changing time?Is this just male ego or anything else which is still creating hindrance within the society.

Why this is still happening and till when this will continue?

Can we sit and think upon.

Is really your girl child safe

Today I m going to write about girls.We regularly read news related to rising number of rape cases in India.

Outfit of females has always been a topic of discussion from last couple of years.

In country like India,people still believe that rising number of rape,harassment cases are due to shorter lengths of clothes worn by girls or late return from offices.

But if we ever try to find out insight into this matter,even small girls are raped who worn frocks and are below teenage group.

In metropolitan cities like,Delhi,Hyderabad,Noida,Mumbai these cases are reaching their heights.

Even in small cities,these are sometimes unnoticeable.

Girls whether dressed in full attire or in western are not safe anywhere.If girls holds a brother,father or any male in their family nobody dare to move the eyeballs.

I sometimes feel that why we want our daughter and mothers to be protected from such rotating eyes.

Why we cannot protect and safeguard the daughters of others.

Why it happens that if our family girl is in danger, we give punch on others face.

But if someone else daughter is seen by rotating eyes,we usually say that it might be due to her attire and or due to upbringing.

Why our society discriminate between daughter’s of the society.

India is among one of the developing nations which leaves a bad impact on the people of other nations only due to these reasons.

Why we Indians cannot take a pledge to protect and safeguard all daughters irrespective of any discrimination.

Why we cannot stop the rotating eyes which sometimes observed by ladies even if they are dressed up in full attire.

Why the lady in the society feels that she is screened from top to bottom just like a camera.

When will these Indian girls without fear of camera like eyes can move out.

Never crushed a flower that is meant to bloom

Never crushed a flower that is meant to bloom.Nature has given us beautiful gifts in the form of living and non living organisms.

Gifts like,birds,animals,climate,tiny creatures like ants and insects.Huge Elephants,Trees,plants,flowers,leaves and much more.It include human being too.

An act of crushing leads to imbalance in climatic conditions.

This Era of pandemic is the best example.We as human beings tried to curbed the nature and in turn nature threatened us back.

The balance between the two can save every one from such devastation.

Let’s us take one more example of flowers beds on the trees early in the morning.

These flower beds rejuvenate us.Make our morning happier.

Our whole day passes with smile.This is just because of the beauty created by God.

In the similar manner, if you find a street dog sleeping at your door and guarding the whole night,early in the morning.

You bloom that someone care for you expecting nothing in return.

He is not there only for your meal,he started caring when you show little concern.

This is how nature blooms.If we water the plants and trees and nourish them,it returns by multiplying just like a bank returns our savings.

This is how balance is maintained.If any one holds bad intentions to destroy them,they bounce back.

In the similar manner,It is written in our Hindu mythology that if anyone tries to harm a lady,she bounced back.

One more example, of red ant normally found in our houses mostly in summers,If we harm them,they always bounce back and make your skin reddish for long.

In the same way, is this Corona Virus and its mutants which are bouncing back again and again.

This Era is serving with a lesson, to everyone that we should never dare to crushed the beauty, that is meant to bloom as per nature law.

Big salute to Humanity

Big salute to the man for giving his own facility of bed,in order to save someone life.I salute this man,being a senior citizen of India.He chooses to leave his own benefits for the next generation.

He was not related by blood, yet by keeping his own life in danger,he preferred to choose life for someone.

A man who left this world by conquering many hearts just by setting an example,that humanity still exists.

In the news from last couple of months,we are finding cases where even your own blood is leaving you at the mercy of God.

But here,we have found a different example.

An example set by Mr.Narayan, who not only left his facilities for a man to live for his own family(unknown) but has won several hearts as senior citizens.

Being a senior citizen,he deserves huge respect.

This is what senior citizen is,a citizen with big heart without being self centered.

He might be forget in couple of days by all of us.But whatever he has preferred to choose at this stage of life, is the best alternative among his decision making ability by winning hearts.

Although he might be aware of the fact that his own family,will going to miss his presence.

Big salute for him for making us believe that HUMANITY still exists.

Good people are still prevalent in the society.

“Gone from our sight,but never from our hearts”